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Twitter tool for Modul8
12 May, 2009, 12:16
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For our next VJ Gig, at Hoorspel Amsterdam, we want to mix live Twitter messages into our VJ set. I’ve already built several Twitter tools in Flash, and Modul8 (our favorite VJ tool) supports SWF files. To control how the SWF that’s inside Modul8 behaves, I built an external SWF controller. This way the audience won’t see the interactive controls of the flash movie. I discovered that a SWF inside Modul8 won’t connect to the internet, but this was also solved by using the external controller.

This screenshot shows the modul8 environment with the SWF Twitter layer on top of an image, and the external controller in it’s own window.

VJ Twitter

I’ve built an online demo where the external controller is visible in the animation, but this way you can try out the various Twitter animations:

Online Twitter tool demo

There’s also a small youtube video but it’s very choppy. You can see how the twitter messages are fully editable in the Modul8 environment.

New Korg USB controller, perfect for VJ’ing
15 July, 2008, 12:55
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KORG is releasing three new macbook-sized mini-usb-controllers, perfect for attaching to your VJ tools!

Live Visuals @ Daft Crew, Club Pepper

This week we performed at the “Daft Crew” night at club Pepper. DJ’s were Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon of Daft Punk fame, supported by Sebastian Davidson, Jay-P, and us!

Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon

Sebastian Davidson and Jay-P

Motion Sickness Blog!
27 April, 2008, 16:19
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To start off our new blog, I have uploaded a video of our wireless VJ control tool, using the Nintendo DS as a controller for our VJ software: